What's This

What is Editor’s Rating?

The score you see here is our proprietary editor’s rating of this lending company using our unique scoring system which uses a number of factors to rank lenders based on what we feel may be the best fit for a consumer like you. While we are compensated by lenders if you choose accept a loan from a lender linked through our website, and we may not show you all potential lenders that could extend a loan to you, our ratings are completely independent and based on our own ratings criteria.

Just a few of the factors we use are:

  • Lender Popularity: If many people with a profile similar to your are selecting the same lender over others we know that this lender probably has the right balance of features and customer service to be a good fit for you, and is a good indicator of if you’ll also be interested in this lender.
  • Lender Approval Rates: We know that it’s important to you that when you apply for a card you have a high likelihood of being approved, so we use the overall approval rates for each credit card as a factor in our editor’s rating.
  • Lender Reputation: We value lenders that are well established and trustworthy, so we use lender reputation as a factor in our editor’s score.