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PrimeLists: Buying a Car

Auto Loans

Buying a car is a complicated process with multiple steps involves, but this PrimeLists has all the information that you will need. This article was first published on

Google’s Nexus Strategy

Savings & Investment

Google’s Nexus product line and many other products don’t seem to follow a coherent strategy, but the overarching goal is hidden under the mess of products. This article was first published...

Aereo – Worth Considering?

Smart Spending

With the recent flaps in the cable world, is it worth considering Aereo as an important part of your cable replacement package? This article was first published on

PrimeLists: Buying a House


This PrimeList, a collection of related articles on PrimeRates, will focus on buying a house and the important steps to consider when buying a house. This article was first published on...

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